Reimagine Your Creative Career

Explore, (Re)Build, and Expand Your Non-Linear Career Adventures
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Course Description:

We all tend to live a non-linear life. Yet most of the models of career design are about matching skills to jobs and a flow from one job to the next successful role. What if there are different ways to plan and energize your own career journeys? This program gives you ten steps in building out your plans.

What will we be doing? Over these modules, you will be building maps and ideas to plan your creative career. You will be using tools ranging from art to research to design to create a Design for your Career.

  • Explore how you make choices to get what you are, celebrate them, and examine what has influenced you to date
  • Dive into your Transferable Skills and target Work Environments, so you are building towards both your strengths and ways of best working in your creative directions
  • Expand your best stories into a Super Resume that you can pull from to match the right jobs – and to think about skills and evidence to add to your Super Resume in 3 years that you are building toward for a robust future career
  • Understand how companies are using your resume in their Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Help you to target your future tribes and communities to help you find and expand your career alternatives Build personal models and paths for how you can build creative career choices in the next 3 years
Gigi Louisa Johnson, EdD, MBA
  • Emerita Faculty, UCLA Alpert, Music History and Industry Program
  • President and Co-Founder, Maremel Institute
  • President, Rethink Next and Amplify Music (AmplifyMusic.org)